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Featured Books at the Library

Check out our selections for January

Wellness and Well-Being

This month our main theme is Wellness and Well-Being. During this darker and colder time of the year, it’s important to keep a focus on our mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. From school to work, using techniques such as pet therapy to light therapy, and body movement to traditional Indigenous practices, you’ll find something here to help you fight off winter blues and spark well-being.

Manga Madness

To help your creative juices flow, or to help reframe some challenging topics in interesting and unique ways, we offer up a selection of Manga titles for your enjoyment. Learn how to create your very own Manga or use Manga as a way to understand physics or marketing. Whatever your jam, Manga is a fun way to express your thoughts and ideas!

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Birds and Ornithology

Cover Art

Birds have been both a mystery and an inspiration for humans over time immemorial. Have you ever wondered what bird is making that call? How do birds fly? Why do they migrate such vast distances? How intelligent are birds? All these questions and more can be answered in this selection of books on birds. From how climate change is affecting migration to how smart they are and what Charles Darwin learned by observing birds to the birds of New York City, these tiles are sure to fascinate and educate.

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UNESCO International Day of Education (January 24th)

To celebrate and acknowledge International Day of Education on January 24th, we present a selection of titles that focus on international education. From challenges to inclusiveness and from educators to students, these books cover the hot topics and provide some solutions in the international education space.

More International Education Titles

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