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Featured Books at the Library

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Game Design

Are you an aspiring designer of video games? There is much that can be learned (the good and the bad) about games from playing them. However, you can excel at game design with one of the following titles that provide details for thinking about and designing great games!


Blue: a colour, a mood, the sky above, the water below… and the theme of the following selection of books and videos!  We have a little bit of everything in this mix, including a documentary, graphic novel, memoir and more.  There’s even a title studying the anthropology of blue jeans!  We hope you find something to match your every shade of blue.

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Criminal Justice

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We have books about all aspects of crime in human society. Our selections here cover: law enforcement ethics, racial criminalization, restorative justice, Canada's prisons, and many more justice issues in Canada.

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History and Anthropology of Food

Calling all foodies! Are you just a bit curious about why your dinnerplate is so different from your neighbour's? In what ways has the history of culture, economic bracket, ecological niche, and religion influenced what we eat and don't eat? How have these and other factors created the current food safety, security and justice issues we are experiencing today? And what does this all mean for our future fave noshes? Check out our newest titles on these topics. 

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