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Featured Books at the Library

Check out our selections to start off a new semester!

'C' is for Climate

Science Literacy Week takes place each year across Canada, and allows us to celebrate, engage with, and learn more about science. The theme this year is “C is for Climate” – exploring the various climates on Earth and the effects of climate change. Below is a list of resources to help us gain knowledge, practice activism, and take practical steps to prepare for and act against climate change.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The new National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30 honours residential school survivors, their families and their communities. We've selected a few books and streaming films to provide an opportunity to learn about and reflect on the lasting legacy of Canada's residential schools.

More titles for Truth & Reconciliation

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Study Tips

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Make this your best academic semester yet! We've got books to help you harness the power of routine, build self-discipline, develop time management skills and practice good study habits. Success in college is not about studying harder, but about studying smarter.

More titles for Study skills


Check out some of our latest titles that explore themes such as how politics is shaped by technology, refugee policy in North America, the transformation of Canadian party politics, and last but not least...why conspiracy theories are so popular and what impact this has on political discourse.

More titles on politics

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