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Featured Books at the Library

This month we're celebrating Indigenous Peoples History Month in Canada


If you have not experienced the Indigenous renaissance in Canada yet, now is the time to find your new favourite author! We've included a sampling of fiction for all ages, as well as works on art and music.


The effects of colonialism are immeasurable, and continue into present day. Read on to learn about some of the ways Indigenous Peoples face and resist oppression, and how they continue to work towards justice.

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Cover Art

Educating ourselves is a crucial step in moving towards reconciliation. We are grateful for all the stories that have been shared, and hope that some of these books will guide you on your reconciliation journey.

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The Library has over 600 titles in our Indigenous Collection, which includes television programs, feature films, documentaries, and animated films. Here is a small selection, and we encourage you to explore more!

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