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Featured Books at the Library

Check out our selections for October

Women's History Month

We offer a rich selection of titles that paint a varied picture of women’s experiences over many decades in Canada. Ranging from intimate diaries, detailing inner lives, to large-scale historical feminist movements, these books explore the struggles and triumphs of women from many backgrounds.

Canadian Library Month

To celebrate Canadian Library Month in October, we present a literary take on Canada in many genres and from many perspectives. Here you’ll find contemporary and historical stories ranging from a biographical adventure in the Rocky Mountains, the experiences of a nineteenth century Inuit family, and what it’s like being a cartoonist in Canada.

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Anti-Bullying and Kindness

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Bullying is often a persistent and difficult issue to change and eradicate. In this selection of titles you’ll discover both information about the culture that creates an environment for bullying and the antidotes using empathy, kindness and nonviolent communication techniques.

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Canadian Islamic History Month

Check out these titles in celebration and acknowledgment of Islam and Muslims in Canadian society. From broad concepts to personal stories, you’ll find unexpected and interesting reflections and scholarly writing on the contributions and diversity of Canadian Muslim culture.

More Canadian Islamic History Titles

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