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Featured Books at the Library

Check out our features for June! 

National Indigenous History Month: Part 1: Residential Schools

An important step in reconciliation is to educate ourselves on the history of residential schools in Canada. As dark and uncomfortable as it may be, it is everyone's responsibility to listen and learn. We have a small selection of books and films here, with many more resources listed on our Resources for Learning about Canada’s Residential School System guide.

National Indigenous History Month: Part 2: Fiction

To celebrate Indigenous creators, we have chosen some short stories, plays, fiction, and even an adorable children’s book for you! We have more titles, including more children's titles, available in print at the library and as ebooks, so be sure to add a few to your reading list.

Getting Outside

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With the lengthening days comes more opportunity to escape our pandemic hibernation and to get OUTSIDE! Check out our offerings on the many ways to enjoy the great outdoors, from fitness activities to gardening to getting more intimately connected with nature.

More outdoors titles

Essay Collections

Essay collections are a smorgasbord of food for thought. Written by authors exploring individual passions these short discourses inspire discoveries of new interests, or new ways of looking at old interests. Our selection ranges from environmental writing, immigration, racism, science, neurology, Indigenous knowledge, and more. 

More essay collections

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