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Featured Books at the Library

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Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Want to learn how to navigate race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation and physical/mental ability in the classroom or workplace? Here is a selection of titles that offer guidance through research, case studies, strategies, activites and more.

Family Studies

Family life has become increasingly complex in modern times. We have titles that examine new and different family structures such as LATs or living apart together, as well as LGBTQ parenting; titles that investigate the rise of single/lone parenting, the increasing fluidity of gender roles, and the revitalization of traditional indigenous family knowledge and practices.

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NFB: Recent Documentaries

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Enjoy the latest thought-provoking documentaries from the NFB, ranging from stories of childhood sexual assault and domestic violence, Syrian immigration to Canada, gay and lesbian athletes, an ode to the northern wilds surrounding Dawson City, to a look at the struggle to protect British Columbia's land and waters from development.

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What are you wearing?

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." (Edith Head, one of film history's greatest costume designers).  "Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." (Bill Cunningham, fashion photographer). Ponder these quotes and then dive into one of the following books for a fun and illuminating look at the history, symbolism, politics, and economics of the clothes you wear (or your ancestors wore).

More clothing and costume titles

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