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Featured Books at the Library

Check out our selections for April

Poetry Month

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Month we offer these titles on the theme this year: “Joy”. Cozy up and explore different aspects of joy with this selection of poetry books from the Langara Library collection.

Canadian Film Day 10th Anniversary

April 19th is Canadian Film Day! Langara has a great selection of films that connect us to shared Canadian culture and values. In this feature, we present a broad collection of films, from classics to cutting edge, that will keep you educated and entertained

More Canadian Film Titles

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Sikh Heritage Month

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For more than 100 years Sikhs have been settling in British Columbia, and this province is now home to one of the largest Sikh populations outside of India. Sikh Heritage Month celebrates the contributions of Sikhs and helps develop a greater understanding and appreciation of this rich, unique and diverse culture.

More Sikh Heritage Titles

Humour Month

Humour can be specific, cultural, contextual, gendered, healing, and so much more. Humour is a curious thing… as these books illuminate.

More Humour Titles

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