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Featured Books at the Library

Check out our selections for March

Nutrition Month

In celebration of Nutrition Month, and to highlight the Nutrition & Food Service Management program at Langara, here are some titles that encourage healthy eating habits and offer accurate information about nutrition.

Academic Support

During this time in term, with papers and assignments galore, here are some books that can help with academic support. Whether you’re looking for help writing, studying, or strategies to strop procrastinating, this is a good place to start!

More Academic Support Titles

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Crafting Month

Cover Art

March is the month to pick up a new craft or reintroduce yourself to an old favourite. Check out these titles for fun and interesting projects you can enjoy all year long.

More Crafting Titles

Freedom of Information Day

Government and public information sharing don’t always go together well. Freedom of Information Day (March 16) draws attention to the lack of transparency around information sharing by the government, and shines a light on ways forward for citizens trying to access information.

More Freedom of Information Titles

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