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Copyright for Instructors

Workshops and tutorials

Workshops for instructors: 

The Copyright Office hosts workshops and tutorials to help instructors legally share resources with students.

We have just launched a new online tutorial, Copyright for Instructors. See below for details. 

Workshops for students: 

We offer customized in-class workshops to teach students how copyright impacts their education and future careers.


If you're interested in taking a workshop or having the Copyright Librarian talk with your students, please contact us

Brightspace/D2L Tutorial

As an instructor, it is your responsibility to know your copy rights and obligations when sharing resources with students.

The Langara Copyright Office has just launched our first online tutorial, Copyright for Instructors. The self-paced, interactive tutorial covers common scenarios instructors face when using copyrighted materials.

In 60 minutes or less, learn how to use resources legally when:

  • creating lecture slides
  • copying journal articles
  • copying book excerpts
  • copying internet materials
  • sharing videos

Participants will receive our ‘Copyright Guide for Instructors’ takeaway resource and will have ongoing access to the lessons and resource guide for future, just-in-time support.

To register, click the Self-Registration link on your Brightspace by D2L homepage.

For more information, contact Langara's Copyright Office.

Contact us

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Upcoming events and workshops:

There are no schedule workshops at this time. 

You can self register for the online tutorial, Copyright for Instructors, at anytime. Click on the Self-Registration link on your Brightspace by D2L homepage. 

The information obtained from or through this website is provided as guidelines for using works for educational purposes and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

Creative Commons License

Langara's copyright website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.