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Copyright for Instructors

DVDs and videos

DVDs and videos may be shown on the Langara campus without special permission or Public Performance Rights, provided:

  • The use is for educational or training purposes
  • The use is not for profit
  • The audience consists primarily of Langara students, staff, and faculty
  • The copy is legally acquired

For non-educational uses of media on campus, please see the 'feature films for non-educational purposes' section (below).

Copyright Act, Section 29.5(d)

Streaming from internet (YouTube, TED Talks)

Streaming videos from the Internet without permission is permitted, provided that:

  • The use is for educational or training puposes
  • The work is not protected by a digital lock or technological protection measure
  • There is no clearly visible notice prohibiting use for educational purposes
  • There is no suspicion the work has been posted on the Internet without the consent of the copyright holder

Copyright Act, Section 29.5

Streaming from library database (Kanopy, Curio, ex.)

Videos from the library's databases are licensed for educational use.

Content from these resources can be screened in class and linked to for online learning (active Langara ID required for log-in).

To find media resources to support your teaching, search the library catalogue or the following streaming media collections

Sound recordings

Sound recordings can be played on campus without permission, provided that:

  • The performance is for educational or training purposes
  • The audience consists primarily of Langara students, staff, and faculy
  • The performance is not for profit
  • The sound recording is legally acquired

All other uses of sound recordings on College premises requires permission and may require a license through SOCAN and/or Re:Sound. Contact the Copyright Office for assistance.

Copyright Act, Section 29.5

Feature films for non-educational purposes

Public performance of a feature film at Langara for non-educational purposes (e.g. for fundraisers, film festivals, club activities) may be possible if the rights were purchased by Langara or negotiated for the specific use.

To find out if a particular feature film is covered by a license or to arrange for coverage at an event, please contact the Copyright Office.

Please note: The Student Union Building is a separate organization from Langara College and is not included in College licenses.

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The information obtained from or through this website is provided as guidelines for using works for educational purposes and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

Creative Commons License

Langara's copyright website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.