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Open Education

2020 Winners

All winning and honorable mention projects are available in the Open Student Scholar Prize Collection in the Langara Institutional Repository (LaIR).

First place

Kaylee Korol, Gender & Healthcare, Annotated Bibliography for WMST 2270

First runner up

Taeja Liu, Why Is It So Difficult for the UNFCCC to Do Something About Climate Change? Paper for POLI 1140

Second runner up(s)

Cheri Pottinger, Breastmilk and Brain: The Effects of Breastfeeding on Cognitive Development, Paper for PSYC 1115

Simeon Faehndrich, Loss, Separation and Struggle: Self-Imposed Exile in The Wanderer, Paper for HIST 1113

Honourable mentions

Gemma Biglowe, Hairstyle Replication - Bust of a Flavian Woman, AHIS 1114

Declan Burke,  A Manifestation of Total Freedom: Anarchy and its Viability as an Ideology, Paper for POLI 1160

Oliver New, Fred Herzog, Film for AHIS 1219