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Open Education

Evaluate open resources. 

Locating open educational resources (OERs) to use in your classroom is the first step in the process, but evaluating their quality is equally important. Consider the criteria below when incorporating OER into your teaching practice. 

Faculty Checklist for Evaluating Open Educational Resources

  1. Relevance
    • Does the information directly address one or more of the course's learning objectives?
  2. Authority
    • Is the author considered an expert in the field? Do they have relevant training? 
  3. Accuracy 
    • Is the information accurate? Are there major content errors or omissions?
    • Are there spelling errors or typos?
    • Has the material been peer-reviewed?
  4. Production Quality 
    • Is the information clear and understandable?
    • Is the layout and interface easy to navigate?
    • Do the design features enhance learning?
    • For multimedia resources, are the audio/video quality high?
  5. Accessibility 
    • ​​Is the resource available in alternative formats (e.g. .doc)?
    • For audio or video resources, is a transcript or closed captioning provided? 
  6. Interactivity 
    • ​​Does the resource encourage active learning and class participation? If not, are you able to incorporate these elements into the resource?
    • Are there opportunities for students to test their understanding of the materials (e.g. a video with embedded questions)?
  7. Licensing
    • ​​Does the license allow for the educational reuse of the materials?
    • Does the license allow for modifications or adaptations of the materials? If so, can you modify the resource to better support the course's learning objectives or encourage active learning?

This checklist is adapted under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License from the Faculty Guide for Evaluating Open Educational Resources (B.C.Open Education Librarians, n.d.).

Evaluation Timeline

Open Langara recommends evaluating OERs at several stages: 

  1. Pre-use evaluation (before you adopt a resource)
  2. Mid-semester evaluation 
  3. Post-use evaluation (student evaluation at the end of the semester to evaluate the resource's effectiveness) 

Unless otherwise noted, the information on this website is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA).