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Open Education

Creative Commons licenses. 

Creative Commons licenses allow creators to apply certain conditions to use of their work. These conditions, outlined below, are combined to create the Creative Commons license. For example, a photographer may retain their right to be credited (Attribution), but waive their right to benefit financially from their work with a CC-BY license. 

Attribution (by) - All CC licenses require that others who use your work in any way must give you credit the way you request, but not in a way that suggests you endorse them or their use. If they want to use your work without giving you credit or for endorsement purposes, they must get your permission first.

ShareAlike (sa) - You let others copy, distribute, display, perform, and modify your work, as long as they distribute any modified work on the same terms. If they want to distribute modified works under other terms, they must get your permission first.

NonCommercial (nc) - You let others copy, distribute, display, perform, and (unless you have chosen NoDerivatives) modify and use your work for any purpose other than commercially unless they get your permission first.

NoDerivatives (nd) - You let others copy, distribute, display and perform only original copies of your work. If they want to modify your work, they must get your permission first.

Choose a Creative Commons License

Attributing Open Resources

Wondering how to cite an open educational resource (OER)? Open Washington's Open Attribution Generator tool uses a quick online form to automatically generate the attribution for you.

Creative Commons Licenses: Most to Least Open

Creative Commons Licenses from Most to Least Open


Unless otherwise noted, the information on this website is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA).