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Collection Guidelines

Collection Guidelines

Course Materials on Reserve

Reserve books, articles, and media items are placed in the Reserve Collection in order to hold them together in a convenient location and maximize availability to Langara students, staff and faculty.

Reserve items include:

  • High demand items for specific courses
  • High demand items of general interest (e.g. test preparation books like LET, LPI)
  • Donated copies of textbooks and study guides for current courses

Placement in reserve / weeding

  • Placement is initiated by either teaching faculty, Continuing Studies Coordinators, or librarians
  • Loan period is assigned by the person initiating the placement
  • All items need an end date when placed on reserve
  • End dates will be reviewed at the end of each term for weeding purposes
  • Usage data will be reviewed annually for weeding purposes
  • Withdrawal of reserve items from the library collection will be reviewed by at least two librarians


  • Reserve items may be held in print, media or electronic format (see “E-Reserves” below)
  • New requests for articles will be checked to see if an electronic version is available. If this is the case, a link to the electronic version will be placed in the catalogue
  • The maximum number of copies of photocopied articles is 3 per section of a course. Additional copies may be made at the discretion of a librarian.


  • Electronic reserve items (“e-reserves”) are direct, persistent Web links to articles or e-books from a number of online databases that the Langara Library purchases, subscribes to or that are freely available on the Web
  • Links to online articles or e-books can be created for faculty to place in course Web pages, in addition to or in place of e-reserves. For details about this service, see Library Services: Faculty: Reading Lists and Reserves


  • Textbooks adopted as "required" texts for class use may be purchased for the Reserves collection, based on demand and in consultation with course instructors and subject librarians, and subject to collection budget constraints. They are intended to provide short-term, convenient access and to enhance student academic success. Normally only one copy may be purchased by the Library. If additional copies are required, these copies should be purchased with instructional department funds.
  • Instructors are encouraged to donate a copy to be placed on Reserve. Examination, evaluation, review or desk copies of textbooks, intended solely for the use of an instructor, will not be accepted. 
  • Textbooks may be purchased for the collection in any format, although commercially-published electronic versions of textbooks are generally not available for institutional purchase.