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Collection Guidelines

Collection Guidelines

Collections Budget / Accounts

Library acquisitions are charged to the following accounts, based on a combination of factors such as the type of material and the purchase model (e.g. purchase or subscription). Library acquisitions are vetted by the Acquisitions/Orders Librarian or the Collection Librarian (or designate) as appropriate. All purchases are further coded by subject area.

  • Electronic Reference (TS) - Account 71214

Subscriptions to materials that primarily support the Library's Technical Services & Systems. Some subscriptions are shared with Langara Contract Services. Items from this account may be accessible to library staff only. Subscriptions are reviewed annually.

  • Electronic Subscriptions - Account 71215

Subscriptions that provide electronic access to collections of books, journals, or other non-media materials. Typically this type of subscription does not include ownership or archival access rights. Aggregator databases of journal articles, or online collections of e-books or reference works are included here. This account does not cover one-time purchases of collections or individual items, but it does cover annual hosting fee charges. Subscriptions are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

  • Media subscriptions - Account 712151

Subscriptions to visual media and sound recordings, or collections of the same, regardless of format. Subscriptions are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

  • Books - Account 891041

Individual monograph purchases, regardless of format. 

  • Periodicals - Account 891042

Individual periodical subscriptions, regardless of format. Subscriptions are billed in advance of shipping or online delivery. Magazines, journals and newspapers are included in this account. The periodicals subscription list is reviewed and revised annually. 

  • Standing Orders - Account 891043

Orders placed with a publisher, jobber, or dealer to supply each volume or part of a specific title or type of publication as published, until further notice. Many but not all are reference works. Formats include both print and electronic. Unlike subscriptions, standing orders are billed as each volume is shipped. Titles may be purchased at specific intervals determined by the library, e.g. every 3 years, rather than every new issue from the publisher. Standing orders are reviewed annually. 

  • Media - Account 891044

Purchases of visual media and sound recordings, or collections of the same, regardless of format.