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Collection Guidelines

Collection Guidelines

Selection Priorities and Criteria

All materials purchased with Library funds are housed in the Library or accessed via the Library web site.


  • To support current course and program goals
  • General order of priority:
    • to support curriculum needs of students
    • to support instructional needs of faculty
    • to collect materials beyond the academic curriculum but related to academic success
    • to collect materials of current topical interest
    • to support faculty research related to course development
  • Other considerations for priority:
    • to remedy collection deficiencies and support the collection’s upgrading
    • to support new course or program materials, but with due consideration to factors such as the library budget or permanence of course


  • Relevance to the curriculum
  • Use by several disciplines
  • Merit of work:
    • Authoritativeness (author’s expertise and publisher’s reputation)
    • Accuracy
    • Appropriate level for college students
    • Scope of coverage (basic, study, research, comprehensive)
    • Presentation/style (accurate, clear, logical, visually appealing, physical quality)
    • Unique features (original approach, illustrations)
    • Currency
    • Projected shelf life
  • Regional relevance to British Columbia and Canada
  • Relevance to the existing collection (updates, supplements, completes or fills a gap)
  • Faculty recommendation
  • Availability through resource sharing activities
  • Cost relative to budget, or other comparable materials
  • Cost relative to the overall expenditure for the discipline
  • Repeated requests through interlibrary loans
  • Accessibility of materials for students and staff with perceptual disabilities, especially for media (audiovisual materials) and electronic resources