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Linking to library resources: e-books, videos, and journal articles

Do you have a Brightspace course or other webpage that you use for instruction? Would you like to post direct links to e-books, videos, and articles for your students?

You can make library resources accessible to your students in Brightspace by creating permanent links, rather than uploading those items into the course. The Library recommends linking rather than uploading for a few reasons:

  • Technical considerations: PDF files occupy space on the Brightspace servers; links do not.
  • Copyright considerations: When you link, you don't create a copy of the work.
  • License agreements: The Library's online resources are governed by license agreements with the content providers, and not all of them permit uploading PDF files to an LMS. Most allow linking.
  • Data: Linking allows the Library to collect statistics about usage, which we consider when renewing subscriptions.