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APA Style 7th ed - Citation Guide for Nursing & Health Sciences

Reports from government agencies or other organizations are covered in section 10.4 of the APA Publication Manual, 7th ed. (pp. 329-330).

See also a variety of Clinical Practice Reference examples on the APA Style website.

Policy manual with multiple corporate authors

Reference List

Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services Authority, & Vancouver Coastal Health. (2020, June 19). Continuous bladder irrigation (CBI) and hand irrigation for clot retention of indwelling urinary catheters, procedure (adult) (BD-00-12-40111). Shared Health Organizations Portal.

In-text, parenthetical style:

  • First citation
    (Providence Health Care [PHC] et al., 2020)
  • Subsequent citations
    (PHC, 2020)

In-text, narrative style:

  • First citation
    According to Providence Health Care (PHC) et al. (2020) ....
  • Subsequent citations
    According to PHC et al. (2020) ....

Updated clinical guideline on an Intranet site

Reference List

Braun, C., & Ball, L. (2003, May 27). Falls: Assisting the patient who is falling while standing/ambulating (Rev. ed.). Providence Health Care. 

When writing for an audience that can access the Intranet site where your source is posted, e.g. your instructor and other students, cite the Intranet login page. When writing for a wider, more general audience, do not include a URL (see APA Style: Classroom or Intranet Resources).

In Text

(Braun & Ball, 2003)