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Online Tutorials for Library Instruction

This guide describes the online tutorials offered through Brightspace by D2L, how to access them, and FAQs for students and faculty.

An online tutorial has been assigned for my class. How do I take it?

The online tutorials are accessible through your Brightspace Homepage. Check the START date of the library tutorials on your course outline or with your instructor. You should be enrolled in the tutorials after your start date.

If you have been enrolled, it will appear in the "My Courses" section. You may be assigned any or all of the three tutorials:

  • Introduction to Research
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Can I Use This?

You can access the Brightspace Log-In here: 

I accessed my tutorial, but the quizzes were not appearing. Why aren't the quizzes showing up?

The tutorials are designed so that you must view tutorial content before the quizzes will be released to you. If you haven't viewed the slides or videos that give you the information covered by the quizzes, you cannot see the quizzes.

We recommend that you go through the tutorial slide by slide. That way, you won't miss any of the material covered by the quizzes. If you go straight to the "Assignments" menu and access the "Quizzes" section, they will not appear because you have not seen the material.

Please check your progress in the online tutorial and make sure that you have viewed all the content before contacting the library for help.

If I've completed the tutorials in the past, do I need to complete them again?

Many instructors will accept marks from previous terms. In order to have marks sent forward:

  1. Log into Brightspace.
  2. Access the online tutorial that you would like your mark sent to.
  3. On the course homepage, there may be a box that gives the link to the "Marks Forwarding Permission Form"
  4. Follow the instructions and fill out the permission form.

You will not receive confirmation that your mark has been sent. We will only send your forwarded mark after the due date for the tutorial has passed, so it will not appear in your Brightspace course.

If the box with the Marks Forwarding Permission Form does not appear on the homepage of the tutorial you would like marks sent to, your instructor does not accept marks from previous terms.

I've done the tutorials multiple times. Which mark will you send to my instructor?

We will always send the best mark we have on file.

If you complete the Marks Forwarding Permission Form and all the quizzes, we will still send whatever mark is higher.

How do I know what my tutorial marks are?

You can see the best marks we have on file by logging in to your MyLibrary account. They will appear with your student information.

Here is a screenshot of where those marks will appear:

Screenshot of a test student's MyLibrary account page with best marks for library tutorials.

If you want a complete listing of all of the tutorial marks we have on file, you may visit the Check Out Desk or ask us a questions using this link:

I am getting an error message when I try to look at my scores. What do I do?

 When users select the MyLibrary login, and then select "Login with my Langara Email account" in the single sign-on page, in rare circumstances, the following error may appear:

 CAS is unable to process this request: "500:Internal Server Error"


 Sometimes the error may appear as:

Unauthorized - This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. ...


If this happens, you should:

  • Try another browser where you are not currently logged in to O365
  • Try logging out and re-logging in to your Office365 Login on the same

    To logout O365, one quick way is to go into Outlook email and select "Sign out" under the user profile dropdown.

I've filled in the Marks Forwarding Permission Quiz, but my marks aren't in Brightspace!

That's fine! You do not receive confirmation that your marks will be sent forward.

We do not process the marks for any tutorials until after the due date has passed. Once it has, we take the list of students who gave permission and look them all up in our database. We put all the marks together in a spreadsheet and send them to your instructor.

If you have already checked your MyLibrary account to make sure you have marks on file and filled in the Marks Forwarding Permission quiz, you're done! Your marks never transfer directly into the Brightspace course.

I've just completed the tutorials, but my marks aren't in MyLibrary account!

That's fine! The marks will not appear or be updated in your MyLibrary account until the due date for the tutorial has passed. We do not actually look at any student marks until the due dates for tutorials has passed, so if you have just completed the tutorial for the first time or are waiting for a higher recent mark to appear in MyLibrary, check again a few days after the tutorial due date has passed.

I have been assigned two (or more) tutorials in the same term. Which one do I complete?

If you have been assigned two or more tutorials for the first time in the same term, this is what we recommend:

  1. Check the due dates for the tutorials.
  2. Complete the tutorial with the earliest due date.
  3. For tutorials with a later due date, follow the instructions for the "Marks Forwarding Permission Form" on the homepage for the tutorial. The mark from the earlier tutorial should be in our system. We will send your mark along after the due date has passed.

If the tutorials are both due on the same day, please contact the library instruction team by email to make arrangements: