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PSYC 2328: Applied Early Child Psychology (Numerow)

Finding Articles

As a Langara student, you have access to the Library database Canadian Major Dailies. Canadian Major Dailies indexes all of the major Canadian daily newspapers including the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, the Toronto Star, and more.

Using Keywords in Canadian Major Dailies

One of the key benefits of finding your article through the Canadian Major Dailies database is that you can search by keyword as opposed to a specific title, date, or publication.

Try the following search:

Child* AND psycholog* (NOTE: The * is a symbol for truncation, meaning that it will search on any word beginning with the word "child," like children or childhood, or any wod beginning wiht "psycholog," like Psychology or psychological).

Canadian Newsstand Search

Other possible searches that you may try include:

  • child* AND research
  • child* AND study

You can also use more specific terms when you search if you have a particular topic in mind. For instance:

  • child* AND abuse AND study
  • child* AND abuse AND research
  • child* AND abuse AND psycholog*

If you are having difficulty finding useful articles, try brainstorming other ways of representing your search terms. For instance, you many wish to replace "child" with "youth" or "infant".

Limiting to the Previous 5 Years

Once you have searched, you can limit the results to the last five years by setting the Publication Date range on the left side of the screen"

Canadian Newsstand Limit by Date

How to Read a Database Record

Looking at the result list you will be able to see the titles of the article, the author, which publication the article appears in, and the date that it was published.

For instance:

Canadian Newsstand Database Record

Click "Full text" to read the entire article.

Finding an Article by Browsing Newspapers

If you prefer to browse newspaper articles to find something that interests you , you may find the following links helpful: