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PSYC 2328: Applied Early Child Psychology (Numerow)

Finding the Original Study

Some clues that will help you find the original article are: 

  • The title of the study
  • The author of the study
  • Where the study was published (the journal title)

Using the article, "Study shows 'bilingual advantage,'" as an example, we are able to gather evidence that Diane Poulin-Dubois is on e of the authors of th epsychological study that the newspaper article references. The article also notes that the findings were published in a recent issue of the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. The article does NOT mention the title of the study.

Using information available, we can see if the Library has a copy of this study.

Option #1: Quick Topic Search

Quick Topic Search Advanced Search

  • Enter the information that you know about the article in the search bars and select the appropriate field from the drop-down lists.

Advanced Search Example

  • Select the article from the results list

Option 2 - Books and Media Section of Library Website

  • Visit the Books and Media section of the Library website, or use the search bar located under the librarian profile on this page.
  • Select "Journal Title starts with" or "Journal title"
  • enter the title of the journal, "Journal of Experimental Child Psychology."

Library Catalogue Search

This publication is available through the Library's ScienceDirect subscription.

Library Catalogue Record

Once you enter the ScienceDirect database, you can then search by author. Enter the author, "Poulin-Dubois," and search. This search gives us two results, but only one of the articles are from 2011, the year that the newspaper article was published.

ScienceDirect Record

Click on the PDF link to access the entire article.

Additional ways to search for the original article include:

  • If you know the title of the original psychological study, enter it into the Quick Topic Search on the front page of the Library website or in the search bar located under the librarian profile on this page. This should direct you to the study, if the Library has access to it.