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PSYC 2328: Applied Early Child Psychology (Numerow)

Google Scholar

If you are having difficulty finding the study on the Library website, try using Google Scholar.

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is a great resource when you are tracking down a study referenced in a newspaper article because Google scholar indexes many different article databases, including open access article databases and other subscription databases that Langara's Quick Topic Search may not index.

Step #1: Add Langara College as a "Library link" on Google Scholar

If you are searching Google Scholar from home, the search engine does not know that you are a Langara student and you will not be able to access mos of the articles in your result list. To fix this, add "Langara College" as a Library link within Google Scholar.

Click on Settings on the Google Scholar home page.

Google Scholar Settings

Click on "Library links"

Add Library Link

Add Langara Library and Save.

Add Library link part 2

Step #2: Search for the study.

If you know the title of the study, enter it into the Google Scholar search bar. This is the most precise way to find a study. If you don't know the exact title, enter all of the information you know about hte study. Using the above example we can type in the author's last name and some of the keywords associated with the study, such as 'poulin-dubois bilingual.' for this search, Google Scholar returned 684 results (as opposed to the single result returned when searching on the exact title), buth the desired study was still the top result.

Google Scholar Article

Step #3: Access the article.

If you have added Langara College as a library link, you will see a link to access the article through the Langara website. If you are accessing this resource from off campus, you will need to enter your student number and passowrd to get full text access.