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2022/23 Library & Learning Commons Annual Report

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2022/23 Annual Report

Director's Welcome

Suzanne RackoverAs we come to the close of another impactful year, I am pleased to present our annual report for 2022-2023, highlighting the achievements and exciting developments that have defined the academic year. The content of this report is a representation of the thoughtful, creative, and student-focused work of the Library and Academic Success Centre teams.

The 2022-2025 Library Strategic Plan continues to be a driving force for the Library’s activities, with accomplishments in each of the priority areas highlighted in the report. Additionally, the establishment in September 2022 of the Academic Success Centre is a significant change to the delivery of academic supports for students as they move along their Langara journey.  

The Library & Academic Success Centre teams are committed to building a sense of community and working with our partners within the space of the Library and beyond. Bringing students and faculty together through service delivery, events, workshops, and partnerships, and ensuring an inclusive and supportive environment where diverse perspectives thrive, is prioritized in the work of all team members.

Across the Library & Academic Success Centre, each individual team member has supported the information and academic needs of the Langara community through their individual and collective work. Thank you to everyone for your unwavering commitment to seeing our students succeed.

I invite the Langara community to take a moment to review the detailed annual report. Your feedback is vital as we strive to continuously improve and meet the evolving needs of the college.

Suzanne Rackover, Director

Strategic Plan Themes

In summer 2022, the Library published its new 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. The new updated plan focuses on 4 priority areas: 

  1. Integrating and Expanding Student Learning Supports
  2. Building, Promoting, and Enhancing Accessible Resources and Practices
  3. Forging and Reinforcing Cross-College Collaborations
  4. Excelling in Library Services and Practices

Fundamentally, the Library's strategic objectives are grounded in its dedication to supporting the College's Indigenization and Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) strategies.

Future annual reports will provide updates and accomplishments within this context.