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Academic Conduct

Langara's mission is to prepare learners for future education, meaningful careers, and active citizenship. As an institution, we value integrity, professionalism, and recognition of achievement.

Students are expected to pursue their educational activities responsibly.

Academic dishonesty includes:

  • Incorporating others' words or thoughts into your assignments without proper credit (plagiarism)
  • Using sources you know were illegally uploaded to the internet
  • Photocopying substantial amounts of a course text (see the College's fair dealing directives for acceptable limits)


Plagiarism is the uncredited use of someone elses words or ideas.

As a student, you can incorporate copyright-protected works by experts in your field of study into your assignments. 

When you use others' works, you must acknowledge the original author by citing your source. This applies to:

  • Words or ideas published online or in a printed work
  • Information you gather through an interview or conversation with another person
  • Diagrams, illustrations, charts, pictures, or other visual materials you reprint
  • Digital media, including images, audio, and video you reuse or repost
  • Course materials, including your instructors' lecture notes and presentation slides

For more information on plagiarism and citing your sources, visit the helpful links below. 

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