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Copyright for Creators

How to protect your work:

The internet has made copyright infringement easier than ever. Here are some ways copyright owners can protect their intellectual property:

  1. Use Technological Protection Measures (TPMs)
  2. Define your terms of use
  3. Monitor online use of your work
  4. Register your copyright
  5. Take action

Explore each section below for further details.

Questions? Contact the Copyright Office

1. Use technological protection measures (TPMs)

1. Use technological protection measures (TPMs). TPMs are technologies that control and/or restrict the use of and access to online content. Examples of TPMs include:

  • Digital watermarks (text or patterns inserted into digital images)
  • Encryption (inhibits copying of digital files and physical media)

2. Define your terms of use

Copyright owners may include a statement outlining terms of use. For example, a poet may state that works posted to their website may not be used for educational purposes without permission.

Alternatively, works published under a Creative Commons license allow copyright owners to clearly communicate what uses of their work they permit. For more information on Creative Commons, visit the Alternatives to Copyright guide: 

3. Monitor online use of your work

Copyright owners today have numerous free and subscription-based tools to help detect online duplication of their works. Here are a few examples:

4. Register your copyright

Copyright protection is automatic but owners may also wish to register their work with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). This serves as a record of copyright ownership should a need arise.

5. Take action

If you notice that your work is being used illegally, contact the copyright infringer (or service provider) and ask that the content be taken down (for online content) or licensed legally.

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General Queries:

The information obtained from or through this website is provided as guidelines for using works for educational purposes and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

Creative Commons License

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