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Can I Use This?

Can I Use This - Welcome

This is the first of seven video modules in Langara Library's Can I Use This? Evaluating Your Sources Tutorial. This video looks at why evaluating sources for academic assignments is important and introduces the the 5W method for evaluating sources.

Video Transcript:

Welcome to 'Can I use this?' the evaluating sources tutorial. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to: Identify different types of authority, such as subject expertise, experience, and scholarly qualifications, recognize that authoritative content comes in many forms, and assess the fit between your needs and the sources you find. You need to think critically about how the sources you find will fit with your assignment  and your instructor's expectations. For each criteria there are a number of questions you can ask yourself about the information you find. Not all questions will apply in all situations and not all responses need to be positive. You'll also need to think about how the information relates to your particular need. The tutorial is divided into five modules: one for each 'W.' So let's get started! And good luck!