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MARK 1115 (Larden): Marketing Strategy Analysis

Company Background

  • Company Websites

    Many companies have detailed websites. These can be excellent one-stop sources for company information, including company history, mission statement, organizational structure, corporate social responsibility, organizational culture, and annual reports. Key areas to look: About Us, Investors (note annual reports and financial statements), Media (news/press releases), and Products (and/or Services).

    NOTE: Any analysis or news at a company site may present only one side of a complex story and should be supplemented with more objective articles in magazines and newspapers.

  • Company Annual Reports

    Publicly traded companies are required by law to publish annual reports. Annual reports are great sources of information about a company’s financial and corporate conditions. They often describe the company’s business environment, competition, and markets.

    Annual reports can be obtained on:

  • Company Websites
    Annual reports usually can be found in the Investors section.