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APA Style 7th ed Citation Guide - Langara Library

Notes on Courseware


A. Reproduced material in Courseware

  • If the material in the courseware is reproduced from another source without any changes, cite that source directly. For example, if a journal article is reproduced in courseware, cite the journal article like a regular journal article; do not explain in the reference that it was reproduced in courseware.
  • Basic Format
    • Author, A. A. (YEAR). Title of the article. Title of the Journal, volume(issue), pages. 

B. Original material in Courseware

  • If the material in the courseware is original (created for the courseware package) follow the format for chapters in edited books.
  • The "editor" will be the person who put together the courseware, most commonly the instructor.
  • Basic Format
    • Author, A. A. (YEAR). Title of chapter. In E. Editor (Ed.), Title of courseware (pp.x-xx). Publisher.

Reproduced Article in Courseware

Basic Format

Lastname, F. M., & Lastname, F. M. (YEAR). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume(issue), pages.

Reference List

Walker, C., & Peterson, C. L. (2017). Multimorbidity: a sociological perspective of systems. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 23(1), 209-212. 


(Walker & Peterson, 2017)

(Walker & Peterson, 2017, pp. 210-211) - when quoting directly

Original Article in Courseware

Basic Format

Lastname, F. M. (YEAR). Title of article. In F. M. Lastname (Editor), Title of courseware (pages). Publisher.

Reference List

Elders, M. (2019). Neighborhood watch: Social media in the community. In M. Elders (Ed.), POL 241: Politics and activism in the 21st century (pp. 34–41). American University.


(Elders, 2019)

Lecture Notes or Class Handouts (online)

Basic Format

Lastname, F. M. (YEAR). Title: Subtitle. [Format]. Publisher. URL

Reference List

Mack, R. (2021). ENGL1127: Learning in a digital environment: Week 6 lecture notes. [PowerPoint slides]. Brightspace.

If the content comes from a classroom website, or learning management system (e.g., Brightspace) and you are writing for someone with access to that resource, provide the name of the site and its URL (use the login page URL for sites requiring login). (Publication manual, 2020, p. 347)


(Mack, 2021)

Classroom Lecture (unrecorded)

If you learned about a topic via an unrecorded classroom lecture (in-person or online) cite the lecture as a personal communication. Personal communication citations are used when a recoverable source is not available. Because readers cannot retrieve the information in personal communications, they are not included in the reference list; they are cited in the text only. (Publication manual, 2020, section 8.9)


(T. Nguyen, personal communication, February 24, 2020)

(F. M. Lastname, personal communication, Month Day, YEAR)