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About the Collection

About the Collection

Collection Changes

Collection Changes

As the information environment continues to evolve, the Library reviews collection decisions on an ongoing basis. Annual subscriptions are assessed in order to ensure continued relevance to the curriculum, usability, cost-effectiveness, and minimal duplication of content between sources. Additionally, new products and technologies may be incorporated as opportunities arise. The Library takes a pro-active, evidence-based approach to collection decisions and may add, change or cancel subscriptions in order to best fulfill its mandate.

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Purchase Suggestions

We welcome your suggestions for the purchase of library materials. Please send recommendations via either: 

The Library's Collection Development Guidelines outlines our general criteria for selecting library materials. The Guidelines document the rationale for collection decisions, and demonstrate accountability for our spending decisions.

New / Trial Databases


Contact Ophelia Ma about donations. We particularly welcome donations of current textbooks. You can reach Ophelia at 604-323-5527, or by email at

Please see the Gift Agreement Form for further information.