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LAMS 1101: Latin American Culture Perspectives - Finding and citing images

Where to find the elements of a citation

Sample file page from Wikimedia Commons


screencapture of a wikimedia commons page

How to find all the elements you need for a citation from a Wikimedia page:

Title of Image and link to source
  • Text: Use the title of the image (if available) otherwise use the description
  • Link: Use the URL of the wikimedia page for the link OR right-click on the link for the Source and copy the link address if the image is originally from elsewhere
Creator and link to profile
  • Text: Name (or username) in author field
  • Link: Right click on linked author name and copy link address
License information
  • Text: Click on the part of the license that begins with "Attribution..." and open the license page. Copy the text of the shortened version (e.g. CC BY-SA)
  • Link: URL from License page


Link to Wikimedia Commons page for screencapture above