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Kanopy: How to request a title

What is Mediated Mode?

Prior to May 2019 Langara's Kanopy account was in PDA or Patron Driven Acquisition mode. This meant that the first three times a Langara user played a video it was free, and after the third play the library automatically licensed the video for one year at a cost of $150. 

In Mediated Mode Langara faculty and students will have immediate access to all films the library has already licensed in the past year. When you try to play a title we have not licensed, you will need to fill out a request form. The librarian will receive the form and review your request: this modified service will prioritize curricular and course-related use of Kanopy. If your request is approved we will pay to license the video for one year. 

How Mediated Mode Works

You can browse titles and subjects, or search Kanopy for specific films. When you find a video you want, click on the title; if it is already licensed you will be able to play the video, and if not a request form will appear.

The request form looks like this:

What to include in the form:

The form will ask for your name, email address, and how you would describe yourself - instructors should select "Instructor." 

In the message box please include the following information:

  • The course code for the class in which you will be using this title
  • The date on which students will need to view the film - if the request is approved we will try to make it available 3 to 5 days before it is needed

The request form is sent to the Media Librarian, who will do their best to respond to requests within three working days. 

Approval Criteria

While the library would like to license or purchase all requested resources, we must work within the constraints of our budget. As such, we have selection policies and criteria to guide what we purchase: 

  • relevance to the curriculum 
  • relevance to existing collection
  • cost relative to available budget 
  • current availability in other formats

You can read more about Langara Library's Collection Development Guidelines policies on the library website.