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Citing Programming Code - Computer Science and WMDD

How to Cite and What to Include

To cite either a complete computer program or just a program fragment, you will need the following information. Provide as much as available.

  • Title of program/source code
  • Author(s) name (Individual or corporation)
  • Date (when the program or program fragment was created, published or last revised)
  • Code version (2.0, 1.150)
  • Type (e.g.pseudo-code, source code)
  • Availability (e.g. program publisher, title of video or book and publisher, a book's page numbers, URL of Webpage, online video or book)

Provide the citation information as a comment placed above the reused code. For example:

Title: <title of program/source code>
Author: <author(s) names>
Date: <date>
Code version: <code version> 
Type: <type>
Availability: <where it's located>