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PSYC 1115: Fundamentals of Psychology

Summer 2018

Part 1: Introduction to the Langara Library and Learning Commons

This section of the tutorial will introduce supports available at the Langara Library & Learning Commons, specifically:

  • Research supports such as online chat and one-on-one virtual meetings with librarians
  • Writing supports, including online chat with writing tutors and the WriteAway service
  • Citation supports, including guides on APA Style citation

Part 2: Introduction to PsycINFO

This section of the tutorial will:

  • Introduce the PsycINFO database
  • Define "peer review" and explain the peer review process
  • Provide a strategy to improve your keyword searching in library databases like PsycINFO

Click through the slideshow and test your knowledge with the various activities included.

Part 3: Searching in PsycINFO

In this section of the tutorial, I will demonstrate how to:

  • Search in the PsycINFO database

  • Filter your results to find empirical studies

  • Save, share, and cite your articles

Before you watch the video, get oriented with some of the key features of the PsycINFO database by clicking on the "i" icons in the image below.

Part 4: Conclusion