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PSYC 0001: Psychology Subject Guide

A guide of recommended resources for Psychology classes. Specific assignment guides are available for many courses

Finding Tests and Measures

Finding Tests in PsycInfo

example search for beck depression

  • If you are looking for the actual test questions, follow these steps:
    • Enter the construct (e.g., "depression") into the first search bar
    • Type "appended" into the second search bar and select "TM Tests & Measures" from the drop-down list. All of the search results will include the full text of a test or measurement for that particular construct.

example search for appended test

Key Resources

When looking for information about certain tests and measures in PsycINFO, add your test or measure into the search bar and select TM Tests & Measures from the drop-down list. Then, enter 222* into another search bar and select CC Classification from the drop-down menu. This will search for articles that have been classified as "2220 Tests & Testing" OR " 2223 Personality Scales & Inventories."

For example:

Screen capture of a PsycINFO search

Additional Resources on Tests & Measures