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NUTR 2500: Sports Nutrition

Critical Review of an Ergogenic Aid

The purposes of the assignment are:

  • To analyze the claims about an ergogenic aid and its efficacy for improved sport performance;
  • To examine the quality of three scientific articles and determine an appropriate conclusion; and
  • To synthesize information collected from scientific articles, group discussion and other research to provide specific recommendations.

The assignment consists of two parts:

  • Part A – summarize each of three journal articles on an ergogenic aid and its efficacy for athletic performance, with a focus on the study’s methodology (e.g., study participants and dose of the ergogenic aid used), as well as results and limitations
  • Part B – Using the information from those three journal articles and other sources, write a 1-2 page essay that provides background on the ergogenic aid and comes to conclusions about its scientific efficacy

Scholarly journal articles (or scientific articles) are the type of sources required for the assignment. This research guide is intended to provide resources to help understand what scientific/journal articles are and how to find them.