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LEAP 8 Research Paper and Presentation

Greetings From Your Librarian

Assignment Overview

Welcome to the LEAP 8 Assignment Guide! If you completed LEAP 5 or LEAP 6, you'll remember that an Assignment Guide is a special website that highlights the best resources for conducting research on your topic.

In LEAP 8, students prepare a major research paper and presentation on a topic of their choosing. 

The LEAP 8 instructors recommend using three types of information sources. This may include:

  • Books (in print or online) 
  • Journal articles (popular or scholarly)
  • Media (videos)
  • Reliable websites

This guide will help you start your research on a good foot!

Accessing Library Resources From Home

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If you have not updated your password, it will follow the following format: FL-YYYYMMDD

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YYYYMMDD = year/month/day of your birthday 

If you tried this and are still unable to login, try resetting the password for your Langara ID. Langara's IT Department provides step-by-step instructions for resetting your password online. You can also contact the Registrar's Office by email at for assistance.

Please also note that the library's resources work best with the Internet browsers Chrome and Firefox.