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HIST 1120 (Borys)

Academic Film Review: Assignment Overview

This assignment asks you to review a feature film about war.

In your review, compare how the movie portrays the time period to what historians have written about the time period. Does it portray the time period accurately? Why or why not?

Select two or three areas of focus to discuss. Sample areas of focus include:

  • Significant individuals
  • Historical events
  • Setting/geographic features
  • Costumes
  • Daily life (e.g. food, drink, work)
  • Cross-cultural interaction
  • Role of men / women / children
  • Weapons/military strategy
  • Modern context
  • Technological innovations

This is not your opinion on whether or not the film is entertaining. Instead focus on the historical aspects of the film and if they are presented in an accurate or inaccurate way. Your argument can even be that it does both!

Your review should include at least two academic secondary sources. Secondary sources are academic works that provide critical interpretation of historical events. Examples of secondary sources include academic journal articles and academic books.

Cite your sources according to Chicago Manual Style. See the Citing your Sources page for more details. 

Choosing a Film

Select one of the following six films to review. All of these films are available at Langara Library in streaming and/or physical format (i.e. DVD).