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EXPE 2300: Employment Strategies

Job Postings - All Industries

  • Search for Co-op Jobs on Google

    You can find co-op jobs on Google, using the keywords below. When the Jobs box appears, click “See more jobs” at the bottom of the box and you will see a full list of job postings and details. For location-specific jobs, add a location to your search.

    • co-op jobs
    • intern jobs
    • internship jobs
    • contract jobs

  • Mega Job Search Sites

    Tip #1: When searching on mega job search sites, try the following keywords: co-op, “co-op”, “co op”, intern, internship, contract, and student. For some sites, the word, intern, retrieves better results than other keywords and vice versa.

    Tip #2: Subscribe to “New Job Posting Alerts” when available.

  • Non-Profit Job Sites

  • Local Government Job Boards