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BIOL 2330: Introduction to Genetics

Biology 2330

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Inside this guide

This assignment guide is a collection of resources for researching genetics topics, using a human genetic disorder as an example. There are links to the databases and websites that are the best sources of information on genetics, as well as information about scientific journal articles and how to search for articles in databases.

Key Science Databases

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About Articles in Science Journals
Learn how the peer review process works and how to get the most out of reading a scientific journal article

How to search in databases
Tips and tricks for effective searches in library databases


I want to...

Explore my topic
Start getting to know more about your genetic disorder by looking in online encyclopedias 

Find Journal Articles
The top three science databases for finding journal articles on genetic disorders

Cite My Sources
APA Guides and other resources to help you with citations