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CNST 1110: American Power in Canada (Toews)

Research Report: Overview

For this assignment, imagine you are a junior officer working a federal ministry. You can choose your area of expertise; examples include: 

  • Water (e.g. flood control along a particular waterway, bulk water exports)
  • Canadian Arctic sovereignty (choose one aspect)
  • Fishing rights (pick a region (e.g. Maritime) or fishery (e.g. lobster, salmon)) 
  • Climate chance (coose one aspect of efforts to mitigate climate change that requires mutual cooperation)
  • Agricultural exports from Canda (choose a particular crop or product, such as dairy, canola, or beef; think about supply management and government subsidies)
  • Regulation of American media in Canada (this could be traditional media--such as newspapers, television, or film--or social media)
  • Security at land borders (think about the balance between security and tourism or the free flow of goods)
  • American investment and/or control of a SPECIFIC industry
  • Offshore resource extraction (e.g. oil) in a particular region

You've been asked to prepare a research report for the Deputy Minister relating to your area of expertise. The Minister will use the report to prepare for a meeting with their American counterpart during an annual meeting in Washington, DC. 

The report should explain three things:

  • The current state of the US-Canada relationship in your area of expertise
  • The history of this aspect of the relationship 
  • Your recommendations, based on research, about how Canada should approach this topic at the upcoming summit