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Art HIstory 1301 (Carr) - Fall 2022

Find Books and Media

Use keywords such as artist names or key concepts to describe your topic

By Assignment Topic

1. Constructing the Gendered and Racilzied subject; Fauvism, Expressionism

2. The Legacy of Futurism

3. Primitivism and the New Visions of Modernity: Cubist Interventions

4. The Story and Purpose of Abstraction: Kandinsky, Suprematism, and De Stijl

5. Avant-Garde Responses to War: Dada Disgust

6. The Purging of Decadence: Russian Constructivism

7. Convulsive Beauty, the Unconscious, and the Politics of Surrealism

8. Realisms in the Americas

9. The Aesthetics of Terror: Film, Beauty, and Propaganda in Nazi Germany

10. The Harlem Renaissance: Augusta Savage, and a New Black Embodiment in Sculpture