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Communication Skills

Communicating Online & Online Etiquette a.k.a. Netiquette

Read first, then type. Take the time to read through the material or previous discussion posts before asking questions – the information may already be available for you. Yes, grammar and spelling matter! Remember that you are in an academic environment and how you communicate should reflect that.

Beware of strong language. 'ALL CAPS', and many subsequent exclamation points might not be appropriate.

Think before you send. Don't send a response in frustration or anger or when you're tired; you may regret the tone of your message later.

Be respectful. Choose your words and tone carefully in your written and spoken communication. Be forgiving of others. We have all made mistakes and deserve the opportunity to be forgiven and try better.

Communicating With Your Instructor

Communicate with your instructors in the way they specify. This information can be found in the course outline.

Keep in mind your instructors have busy schedules They will usually respond to you in 24-48 hours. Make use of online office hours to meet one-on-one with your instructor.

Emails should be clear, concise and professional. Use your Langara email account. Include your student number and course section in the subject line.

Study Habits, Working with a group and Exams