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LAMS 1100: Introduction to Latin America (Online)

A LAMS 1100 guide with a focus on online resources for Summer 2020.

About Media

Streaming Video

Films can be a very valuable component of your research if they are used correctly. Many documentaries offer first-person narratives, which can provide additional context to your research. Films are also a great way to get inspired during the research process! Much like a reference source, a good film can provide you an overview of a topic in a relatively short period of time and possibly help you settle on a research question.


Audio-visual materials such as DVDs, Streaming Media, CDs, etc., are often valuable sources of information. All media materials are listed in the online Library Catalogue. Searches in the library catalogue can easily be limited to 'media' items, (or more specifically DVD, Streaming Media, etc.) in Advanced search. Ask a reference librarian for help in identifying relevant titles.

Streaming Video Collections

Langara Library provides access to a rich array of media in a variety of formats (DVD, streaming video, etc). This guide highlights some important media resources and provides tips on how to locate and incorporate media into your teaching.

To access the library's online resources off-campus, please log-in with your Langara ID number and password.

Audio Cine Films (ACF)

Audio Cine Films is a streaming collection of over 750 feature films, from major studios including: Disney, Touchstone, Pixar, Sony, Columbia, and many more.


Curio provides streaming access to educational content from CBC/Radio-Canada, including television and radio documentaries, news reports, and much more.


Kanopy's collection includes thousands of award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases. You can easily share films, create clips or teaching playlists, and embed them into Brightspace by D2L.

Important note:

  • As of May 1, 2019 Kanopy is in mediated mode. This means that while some titles are licensed for immediate use, most will require you to submit a request form to the library for access. Please see this guide for further instructions.

Criterion on Demand

Criterion on Demand is a dedicated streaming feature film collection with thousands of English and French titles, over 100 documentary features, and approximately 135 foreign language films with English subtitles. Films are available for download and/or streaming, both on and off-campus. You can find all Criterion on Demand titles by searching for them in the Library catalogue.