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PSYC 2321: Data Analysis for Psychology (Lea)

Crash Course Statistics YouTube Playlist

Khan Academy Courses

  1. Statistics and Probability: Study Design
    • Highlights the differences between observational studies and experiments, and the conclusions one can draw.
  2. High School Statistics: Data Distributions
    • This module covers distributions and measures of central tendency.
  3. Statistics and Probability: Summarizing Quantitative Data
    • This unit focuses on measures of central tendency.
  4. AP Statistics: Modeling Data Distributions: Density Curves
    • This module looks at density curves and the normal distribution.
  5. Statistics and Probability: Random Variables
  6. Statistics and Probability: Sampling Distributions 
  7. AP Statistics: Modeling Data Distributions: Calculating Percentile
  8. AP Statistics: Modeling Data Distributions: Measuring Position
    • Modules 7 & 8 cover percentiles and z scores using the normal distribution.
  9. Statistics & Probability: Significance Tests (Hypothesis Testing)
    • This unit is an introduction to hypothesis testing.
  10. AP Statistics: Estimating Confidence
    • This unit covers confidence intervals for z and t statistics
  11. Statistics and Probability: Two-Sample Inference for the Difference Between Groups: Comparing Two Means
    • This unit covers hypothesis testing using two samples.
  12. Statistics and Probability: Analysis of Variance
    • This unit looks at ANOVA.
  13. Statistics and Probability: Exploring Bivariate Numerical Data
    • This unit covers scatterplots, correlation, and regression.