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EXPE: Applied Urban and Rural Planning

Find Basic Facts about Potential Employers

  1. Company Websites

    Many companies have detailed websites. These can be excellent one-stop sources for company information, including company history, mission statement, organizational structure, corporate social responsibility, organizational culture, and annual reports. Key areas to look for: About, Investors (note annual reports and financial statements), Media (news/press releases), and Products (and/or Services).

    NOTE: Any analysis or news at a company site may present only one side of a complex story and should be supplemented with more objective articles in magazines and newspapers.

  2. Company Annual Reports

    Publicly traded companies are required by law to publish annual reports. Annual reports are great sources of information about a company’s financial and corporate conditions. They often describe new programs or initiatives undertaken by the company as well.

    Annual reports can be obtained on:

    • Company Websites

      Annual reports usually can be found in the Investors section.