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PSYC 2320: Research Methods in Psychology (Woolley)

Literature Review

For your second assignment, you must find one research article that is important to your topic and:

  • Briefly summarize the main findings reported in that article
  • Explain why this article is important or relates closely to your research topic.

To find your research article, use the resources and skills discussed in the library workshops.

Search Strategies:

When looking for research articles in your group project topic, try to pick out the key concepts for that topic. These concepts are what you will develop into search terms to use when conducting your research.

Try to think of synonyms for each concept. How else can you express that idea? Usually concepts can be expressed with a number of different words, and if you include those alternate words in your search you will get more results. Use OR to add synonyms to your search:

e.g. bipolar OR manic-depression

This will bring up results that contain any of those search terms.

if you need to find resources that talk about multiple concepts, use AND when searching:

e.g. autism spectrum AND special education

If you want to combine both strategies, use brackets to indicate which terms should be ANDed or ORed together:

e.g. (multiple personalities OR dissociative identity disorder) AND (teenagers OR young adults)

Use OR to increase the number of search results you get. Use AND to reduce the number of search results you get.