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CNST 1130: Work in Canadian Society

Annotated Bibliography: Possible Topics

Select a topic from the list below:

  • Gender and work in Canada 
    • The Wage Gap 
    • Division of household labour
  • Minimum wage 
  • Living wage 
  • Temporary Foreign Workers program 
  • Immigrant and refugee workers in Canada
  • Representation of labour and labour unions in the media and popular culture 
  • Green economy 
  • Work life balance 
  • Work safety 
  • Fair taxation

Assignment Overview

  1. Identify relevant sources for your topic (nine in total). This should include:
    • Six academic books and/or scholarly articles 
    • One literary item (book, play, poem)
    • One documentary film (DVD or streaming)
    • One good quality website
  2. Read the sources. Prepare a proper APA style citation AND a two-paragraph critical summary for each source. The critical summary should identify the following:
    • The source's thesis
    • How the author supports their thesis
    • The value of your source to the topic

Write a concluding paragraph that identifies your favourite source and explains why this source is your favourite. 

  1. Keep a search strategy log. This is a simple method for keeping track of the keywords, subjects, names, etc. that you have searched in the library catalogue and databases. See the box below for an example.
  2. Include a photocopy of the following in your bibliography:
    • The first page of each scholarly article
    • The title page and title page verso of each book

Search Strategy Log

search strategy log is a simple method for keeping track of the keywords, subjects, names, etc. that you have used while searching the library catalogue, databases, and the web. The log should clearly indicate what you searched and where you searched.

For example, if you were researching the topic wage gap, you might search the library catalogue and the database Academic Search Complete (ASC). Your search strategy log would then look like this:

Langara Lib KW = wage gap HITS = x (the number of results you retrieved)

ASC: KW = wage gap HITS = x