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CLST 2230: Alexander and the Hellenistic World (Knapp)

Example Object: Limestone Pediment Fragment (ca. 300 BC)

limestone pediment

Greek, South Italian, Tarentine

The relief comes from the pediment of a small funerary monument (naiskos), showing a hippocamp (male sea monster) holding a rudder and shield. Similar limestone sculpture is attested at Tarentum, and this piece matches the style and workmanship of the other examples displayed here.

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Activity: Brainstorming Keywords

  1. Review the description of this object provided by the Metropolitan Museum of Art above.
  2. In groups of 2-3, identify potential keywords to use in our research.
  3. Write each keyword on a sticky note and place it on the board. If another group has identified the same keyword, group your sticky notes together. These concepts/keywords will form the foundation for our searches.