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CLST 2230: Alexander and the Hellenistic World (Knapp)

Citing Your Sources

When you incorporate another person's words or ideas into your own writing, it is important to cite your source. Citations:

  • Give the original author the credit they deserve;
  • Point your reader to the original work, in case they'd like to consult it themselves;
  • Strengthen your assignments, by supporting ideas with research;
  • Show the evolution of scholarship on a topic over time.

Langara's Department of History, Latin & Political Science uses Chicago style referencing.

For helpful examples of Chicago style citations, visit the following guides:

Chicago Guide for Classical Studies

Langara Library has developed a supplementary citation guide for sources commonly used by Classical Studies/Ancient History students. 

Citing Images

Image sources must be cited in the caption and included in your bibliography.

Captions for images should be numbered and include at least the following information: What the image is, the date of the item shown, and the source.

For example: 

Statue of Augustus as Pontifex from Wikipedia

Image 1: Statue of Augustus as pontifex, from the Via Labicana in Rome. AD 12 or later.